Here we will get to know some of the areas around Washington Heights where we can help to promote healthy and active lifestyles. This is a small collection of parks and tracks that are near our medical center.

I. High Bridge Park

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This park is named after the high Bridge, the cities oldest standing bridge. This park is also famous because of the High Bridge water tower which can be climbed in the summer. The top reveals wonderful 360 views of the city. There is also a public swimming pool in this park as well as many large rock outcroppings and cliffs that are in fact eroded remains of an ancient mountain range (17). to find out more about this park's history click here.

II. Inwood Hill Park
inwood hill
The Park in Summer July 25, 2004 Photographer: Malcolm Pinckney

Inwood hill park is where the Lenape Indians resided before the Europeans came and settled here. This was where the isle of Manhattan was bought for $24, a plaque on 214th street commemorates his purchase. This area is a snapshot of ancient New York, with Indian tools and weapons being found regularly. There are also caves that still have Indian cave drawings on the walls. This area belongs to the City now and contains the last natural forest and only salt march in Manhattan (17). If you look close, you may be able to see a bald eagle! Because of its forested terrain this area makes for great trail running. To learn more, visit here.

III. Manhattan Waterfront Greenway
Manhattan Greenway at level of Fort Washington Park.

This greenway is a 32 mile stretch of paved path that circumvents the island of Manhattan. It stretches from Dyckman all the way down to Battery Park. This is primarily a bikeway but many joggers use this area as well. Just south of the 181st st entrance to the Greenway is the Little Red Lighthouse. This lighthouse is just under the George Washington Bridge and is actually called the Jeffrey Hook Light. This lighthouse was made famous by a children's novel that came out after the city was rumored to be planning a demolition of the structure. "The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge" served as a catalyst for protest around the nation. Because of the amount of press and media attention this children's book garnered, the lighthouse was protected and became a part of Fort Washington Park, located adjacent to the Greenway (17). To learn more about this Greenway, click here

IV. The Armory

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The Armory is the new home of the National Track of Field Hall of Fame and serves as a museum dedicated to the sport of track and field. On the first floor is a theater with baseball stadium seating where an educational film about the center is playing during hours of operation. There are also displays up showing you the evolution of track uniforms and equipment. The second floor has the history of the NYC marathon. A scaled down version of the marathon course is laid out on the floor so that visitors can walk the course. On the third floor is the hall of fame which is next to the indoor track. To learn more about the Armory, visit here.

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