Bienvenidos a VIDA!

This is a resource created for medical students to become better acquainted with the Washington Heights/Inwood (WaHI) neighborhood. For many of you, WaHI is a very different place from where you grew up. This is a safe space to learn and answer questions about the WaHi community. The aim of this site is to make students more comfortable with the patient population you will be serving for the duration of your time at CUMC by creating a virtual tour of the neighborhood. This virtual tour will allow its users to learn more about the health trends and patterns of the WaHI area. Instead of focusing on the needs of a community, this website is an exercise in asset based community learning and building (19). By focusing on the capacity and unique resources of our community, rather than the traditional model of focusing on its needs and deficiencies, we can better help our patients to access services throughout WaHI and advocate for them more effectively. The added benefit is learning more about all the exciting history, destinations, and and resources your new neighborhood has to offer! Below you will see a google map of all the places included in this tour (please scroll around as some pins are not readily visible). The contents on the left are titled according to the content of the page. Each page has a theme and a location associated with it. For example, the first stop on the tour focuses on the revolutionary war history of WaHI and the tour stop is Bennett Park, where Fort Washington once stood. You can go through this tour in any order you like, but at the bottom right hand corner is a link to the "next" stop on the tour. The content of this website is used solely for academic purposes and is in no way for profit. Please explore the site and get to know your neighborhood!

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